Decorating with Leather Furniture- Some tips to know!

Decorating with Leather Furniture- Some tips to know!

Decorating with Leather Furniture- Some tips to know!

March 23


Everybody needs a little leather in their life. Especially when it comes to your décor. Leather furnishings are almost magical because they look good in every style home. You’ll find breathtaking pieces that are timelessly classic and those that are edgy and modern. Leather wears like iron and will look as wonderful decades later as it did the day you bought it. To get the full knock-your-socks-off decorating effect of a lovely piece of leather furniture, here are three how-to’s I pass on to my customers. 


1) How to Use Leather Furnishings in Your Decor

Where should you use leather furniture in your home? Where not! Leather is a great neutral that is full of lots of rich, yummy texture and, depending upon how daring you are, a splash of vibrant color.

My favorite way to decorate with leather furniture is to use it sparingly, mixing one or two pieces into groupings that mainly consist of upholstered furniture. A sea of leather can feel cold, and the similar style and shape repeated over and again doesn’t lend itself to the visually intriguing look I love in a home.

Sometimes I place a pair of matching leather club recliners on either side of a fireplace or across from the sofa. Another look I like is a leather coffee table ottoman that acts as the hub of a room of upholstered pieces. I always finish off leather furniture with an accent pillow or two, picking patterns that play up the natural richness of the leather while also bringing in color and pattern.

 2) How to Pick the Leather Furniture that’s Right for You

Insist on Quality. All leather furniture is not created equal. Some grades are higher quality than others. You can often tell by the look and feel of the leather. The quality piece will still look amazing in 20 years just like Levoluxe Furniture and the inferior grade will look bad after just a few.

3) How to Care for Your Leather Furnishings

Of all the upholstered furniture you own, your leather pieces will be the easiest to care for. How you protect it and clean it depends upon how your furniture is finished. My recommendation is that you always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations before doing anything to your leather.

Most leathers are protected by a clear top coat that seals the surface from moisture. Or, you can apply a product yourself that penetrates the hide and gives it a protective barrier.

When your leather piece needs to be cleaned, manufacturers usually recommend using clean, distilled water and a natural sponge or cotton cloth to lightly dab the affected area. Be careful not to soak the leather or you might create another, larger stain. And, whatever you do, don’t rub the area – you will spread the stain and push it farther into the material. When you dab, you’re trying to transfer the stain from the furniture to the cloth.

If your leather is stained by something oily, it can usually be removed if you act quickly. Apply a small amount of cornstarch or talcum powder to the area and let it sit. Then, wipe it away with a dry cloth. 

If your leather furniture is made from wax pull-up hides, you can try this cool trick to remove scratches: Hold a hair dryer a few inches from the scratch, heating the area around it to bring the wax – and color — back to the surface.


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